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Self-Inking Stamps
Self-inking Stamps are made with a built-in ink pad. The pad is easily replaceable and provides thousands of quality impressions. These stamps are perfect for fast repetitive stamping.

Cosco offers two self-inking stamp lines, 2000 Plus® and Comet.

Self-inking Stamps

Pre-Inked Stamps
Pre-inked Stamps are made with an ink cartridge built into the housing. Simply press down on the handle and the already inked die contacts its surface to create the impression.

Cosco offers two pre-inked stamp lines, ACCUSTAMP® and Evostamp®.

Pre-inked Stamps

Traditional Stamps
Traditional Stamps are stamps that require a seperate ink pad in order to create an impression.

Cosco offers two traditional stamp lines, 2000 Plus® and Pullman®.

Traditional Stamps

Stock Signs
Cosco offers a wide range of stock signs to the office products industry. Our sign selection includes:

  • ADA
  • Engraved
  • Molded
Stock Signs

Cosco offers a complete line of embossers and seals to the marking industry. Our line of embossers includes:

  • Electroseal
  • Desk Embossers (Gold & Chrome)
  • Cast Iron Embossers (Long & Short Reach)
  • Elite Pocket Embossers
  • Pocket Embossers
  • Steel Desk Embossers (Long Reach)
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